How to get more orders without

Only 1 out of 10 local businesses are selling their products online while 88% of your customers are already shopping online, don’t let them wait anymore.

OrderMe helps to get your business online in seconds.

OrderMe brings you closer to your customer

Your customer does not like to wait on the phone or stand in line to pay.

So give your customers the best experience by setting up your own online shop with OrderMe.

This gives you the freedom to help even more customers and never let them wait again.

Forward thinking and future proof businesses use OrderMe to increase their online orders.

Honestly now, is this the way to
sell your products?

We provide a solution that works for your industry,

your preferences and your wishes.

Don't lose your business, take control.

  • Don’t pay high commissions 
  • Receive and own your customer data 
  • Enjoy fair pricing
  • Join your local business community

Your customers are ready to order your products online. Why wait?

  • Your customers find it a hassle to order online
  • Your customers can’t see your products
  • Your customers have to wait in line

Stop losing money and customers

An average local online business generates 32% more revenue and reaches 24% more customers.

With OrderMe you maximize your online sales in 3 easy steps.

Add your products

With OrderMe you add and manage your products very easily.

Share your shop

Share the OrderMe link through your social media, website, or QR-codes on OrderMe flyers in the neighborhood.

Get more orders

Your new online orders are placed in the OrderMe Dashboard. Now you just have to get the products ready in time for your customers to pick them up.

Easy and much more.

We provide a solution that works for your industry,

your preferences and your wishes.

In depth analysis

View and analyze your dashboard with data and info to help your business grow. Data presented in an amazing way such that you can actually use it.

Quick changes, wherever you are

User friendly, convenient and easy design of OrderMe makes it incredibly easy to make quick changes to the menu, tables, products, anything.

Transparant pricing

no more high commission costs but a flat fee is what you need.

Reach more customers

Your customers are the heart of your business, so we believe you should have the ability to reach out to them. OrderMe provides you the tools to reach them in seconds. 

Accept orders safely

Accept every order in a safe way and never miss any order.

Increase revenue

Optimize each order and transaction, recommend & upsell to drive revenue.

Grow your business

Grow your business, improve processes and increase service with unique presented data insights.

This is why our partners and customers
love OrderMe