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OrderMe is an innovative company that constantly wants to improve the guest experiments. We make sure our products meet your needs and the needs of your guests. It all started when three friends decided to end a hard day of work on a terrace in Amsterdam. All three ordered a beer and enjoyed the last rays of the sun. While their drink melted like snow in the sun, the need for a new round soon arose. After several unsuccessful attempts to get the attention of the waiter, we finally managed to place the order. At the table the discussion arose about the inconvenience of the ordering process. "This can and should be done more efficiently," they thought. What first led to frustrations on a terrace soon changed to the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčOrderMe.

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At the moment OrderMe is striving to become the largest party in the field of mobile ordering and payment in the hospitality branch. With our experience in the hospitality industry and through constant innovation and efficiency, we try to transform the hospitality industry into a modern and convenient environment. With the use of OrderMe you add extra service, experience and interaction to your concept so that your staff can be deployed as efficiently as possible. Your staff can now also focus more on guest satisfaction. Guests see OrderMe as an accessible and flexible addition to the ordering process and experience shows that guests place more orders, which leads to a significant increase in turnover. We will try to achieve the highest attainable costs and put guest satisfaction above all else.

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